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"When you think of the music of New Orleans, chances are you're not imagining anything like Whadeva—semi-avant-garde improvisation with light electronics is hardly the first association that comes to anyone's mind. Nonetheless the Big Easy's personality is still clear through this freewheeling EP, which was knocked out in a Ninth Ward studio in one free-spirited day. The trio of players are all based in the city, if not lifelong natives, and they like to channel its spirit of celebration and spontaneity alongside any other parts of their respective backgrounds. This session got a little extra dash of seize-the-day spirit from being made at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, just when everyone was aware something was going on but not yet realizing how big it would be."— Geno Thakara, All About Jazz

"After listening to your new album. I liked that mysterious meanderous oriental feel with an esoteric-spiritual touch. The mix of electronics-drums and sax is awesome: powerful and creative altogether, organically grown fusion. Really great album! Sounds like a celebration. Music rising from the center of the earth. The lineup is fantastic!"
Stephen Bocioaca - JazzWorldQuest / WorldJazzNews.

The avant-garde is innovative, daring, contrary to what is usual in art and culture. It is characterized by radical new style, original, unorthodox expression, initial rejection.

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as a norm, foremost in the cultural realm.

"Serve as the people's avant-garde, the power of the arts is indeed the most immediate and fastest way... Olinde Rodrigues." 

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