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Meaning "common (pan) to all the people (demos)," occurs as a surname of Aphrodite, and in a twofold sense... 
First describing her as the goddess of low sensual pleasures as Venus vulgivaga or popularis, in opposition to Aphrodite Urania, or the heavenly Aphrodite. She was represented at Elis by Scopas riding on a ram.
The second sense is that of Aphrodite uniting all the inhabitants of a country into one social or political body. In this respect she was worshipped at Athens along with Peitho (persuasion), and her worship was said to have been instituted by Theseus at the time when he united the scattered townships into one great body of citizens. According to some authorities, it was Solon who erected the sanctuary of Aphrodite Pandemos, either because her image stood in the agora, or because the hetaerae had to pay the costs of its erection. The worship of Aphrodite Pandemos also occurs at Megalopolis in Arcadia, and at Thebes. A festival in honor of her is mentioned by Athenaeus.
Pandemos occurs also as a surname of Eros.

After listening to the music created in this suite I ended up calling it Pandemos, I cannot ignore the fact that I hear the influence the current 20-21-22 pandemic has had on the musicians, myself included, that created this music.
So I called it Pandemos for the origin of the word pandemic.

The musicians are 
Billie Davies (electronic drums and piano)
Branden James Lewis (trumpet, digital keys, synth waves, loops)
Damani Butler (Electronics n digitized sampling, loops, beats, waves)

The recording n mixing was done by Mike Davies.

This music was created as a proof of concept, a demo, the second day of a 2 two day session where all musicians were together, feeling each other out, experimenting with sound and equipment, even the recording was experimental in nature. The mixing was done to provide balance n clarity, nothing was changed to the intensity,  what or how something was played... 

None of the music of "Pandemos" can be commercialized, produced, released, distributed or copied without prior consent of all the musicians (Billie Davies, Branden James Lewis, Damani Butler).

The recording date of 10/27/2021 establishes natural copyright over the respective work of Billie Davies, Branden James Lewis, and Damani Butler.

Billie Davies.

The avant-garde is innovative, daring, contrary to what is usual in art and culture. It is characterized by radical new style, original, unorthodox expression, initial rejection.

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as a norm, foremost in the cultural realm.

"Serve as the people's avant-garde, the power of the arts is indeed the most immediate and fastest way... Olinde Rodrigues." 

Billie Davies is bringing something radically new to the idiom of modern jazz in various ways which, in its purest essence, incorporates everything in its collective subconscious amalgam that has come before.
It draws influences and ideas from both classical music and jazz in a modern and unique way which would appeal to audiences and aficionados of both these types of music. Besides these two major exponents it also encompasses what’s referred to as “world music” (Indian, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, South American and European ethnic music) 
Contemporary jazz has taken the form of extreme dense harmonic development, parallel chord movements, very advanced rhythms, odd meters and an almost “inside only” improvisation, a primarily right brain, academic approach. 
The music of Billie Davies can be said to have an element of rebellion and simplification, similar to the abstract CoBrA art movement, where painters decided to express themselves through colors rather than objects.