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Drummer, Composer


After her music had to be taken of the market in early 2021 as there was a record label deal involved, which did not happen thanks to Covid lockdowns and travel restrictions mostly, albums will now slowly become available again.

"PERSPECTIVES", formerly released as "Perspectives II" in 2018, has been re-released (re-distributed) with the help of ReverbNation and is on its way to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and other major retailers.
Depending on the retailer, you should expect to start seeing the album "Perspectives" by Billie Davies re-appear online within the next 5 to 7 business days.
Album Artist: Billie Davies
Musicians: Billie Davies - drums, Evan Oberla - piano/keys/trombone, Oliver Watkinson - bass.
featuring: Ari Kohn - woodwinds, Iris P - vocals, Allie Porter - vocals


Live at The Art Klub in New Orleans

from the album "Perspectives" by Billie Davies

with Evan Oberla on keys and trombone,

Oliver Watkinson on bass, Ari Kohn on woodwinds, 

Iris P.  vocals and Allie Porter vocals.

The avant-garde is innovative, daring, contrary to what is usual in art and culture. It is characterized by radical new style, original, unorthodox expression, initial rejection.

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as a norm, foremost in the cultural realm.

"Serve as the people's avant-garde, the power of the arts is indeed the most immediate and fastest way... Olinde Rodrigues." 

Billie Davies is bringing something radically new to the idiom of modern jazz in various ways which, in its purest essence, incorporates everything in its collective subconscious amalgam that has come before.
It draws influences and ideas from both classical music and jazz in a modern and unique way which would appeal to audiences and aficionados of both these types of music. Besides these two major exponents it also encompasses what’s referred to as “world music” (Indian, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, South American and European ethnic music) 
Contemporary jazz has taken the form of extreme dense harmonic development, parallel chord movements, very advanced rhythms, odd meters and an almost “inside only” improvisation, a primarily right brain, academic approach. 
The music of Billie Davies can be said to have an element of rebellion and simplification, similar to the abstract CoBrA art movement, where painters decided to express themselves through colors rather than objects.


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